FinTech Startups & The Established Financial / Banking Institutions : PART — I

The shifting Banking Landscape
  • A brief look at the past decade
  • Case Study: Libra by FaceBook
  • Case Study: CLSNet, under development by Consortium formed by Institutional banks.

1. How Fin-Tech Start-Ups are impacting the Established Banking / Financing Systems?

  • Technical Innovations — A.I for automation, more engaging user-experience, analytical services, and more intuitive design.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) — to improve their services and compete with these upcoming Financing / Banking Solutions, by forming Consortiums.

2. Fin-Tech’s Impact on the Customer Segments

Customers have started moving away from a single bank that provides all services that serve the majority of their financial needs and are hand picking specialised services from various providers with specialised services. (usually startups)

  1. providing banking without fees
  2. mobile payments and money transfer with low fees
  3. wealth management using robo-advisors with a fraction of the fees
  4. business loans with shorter duration
  5. lower fees and interest
  6. merchant and insurance services with better user experience
  7. free software to ensure timely payroll management.

3. Overview of Blockchain driven Crypto-currencies & Platforms



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